Scientific GOALS

APPreSci will establish a precision medicine platform in Acute Pancreatitis (AP).

Our vision is to develop a robust precision medicine framework to personalise the healthcare for individuals affected by AP. Ultimately, our success will directly influence clinical and therapeutic decision-making in AP.

For an explanation in non-scientific language, please see our 'APPreSci' page.

In scientific terms, our main deliverable will be a statistical model that stratifies AP into molecular subtypes called endotypes, define critical illness trajectories and allow mapping of a patient to an individual trajectory. The model will be clinically-relevant, validated, novel, and interactive. Iterations of clinical evaluation and refinement will occur during and after the project.

  • Define and stratify molecular pathology subtypes of AP distinguishable through integrated clinical and multiomics analysis of peripheral blood.

  • Define and stratify critical illness trajectories in AP based on clinicopathological data.

  • Identify person-specific and episode-specific factors that predict the illness trajectory an individual will follow.

  • Develop and validate analytical models that predict position, direction and speed of disease progression based on a single timepoint sample.

AP costs billions in currency to the economies of nations worldwide, through the burden to healthcare systems and loss of ability to work. Improving our understanding and treatment of AP is therefore of importance to multiple areas of society.
— Prof. Damian Mole, Principal Investigator