APPRESCI Patient partners

These individuals are part of APPLe (Acute Pancreatitis Patient Liaison). They have all been through or are currently working through an episode of Acute Pancreatitis (AP). They have partnered with APPreSci to help us shape our vision and deliver on our aims. They have kindly agreed to tell their stories because they believe the consortium's research will be vital to future patients.

The videos are best viewed in full screen - double click anywhere on the picture or click on the full screen icon (lower right corner).

This is the compilation video of the three former patients. You can see their individual stories below.


Mr R.B. suffered an attack of acute pancreatitis in 2016. He was put into an induced coma for a prolonged period and lost a lot of weight. It was the best part of a year before he had built up his strength again. You can listen to his story above by clicking the video.

I’m very aware that I very nearly died. I just want to do something to help others going through it.
— Mr R.B


Mrs A.P. had acute pancreatitis in 2016 and is still going through the aftermath. She has been struggling to get back to eating a normal diet. Although naturally resilient, her morale has been seriously challenged. You can listen to her story above by clicking the video.

I knew absolutely nothing about acute pancreatitis before I got it. I didn’t realise how serious it was.
— MRS A.P.


Mr K.H. had acute pancreatitis in 2016. He was in hospital for several months including a period in intensive care. His overwhelming memory is the acute pain and it took him 9 months to recover. You can listen to his story above by clicking the video.

Mr K.H. is a co-applicant of the APPreSci consortium, and has attended and contributed in meetings about the direction of the consortium in the lead up to the full application on the 22nd June 2017. He continues to advise and bring the patient point of view to the consortiums aims and objectives.

I think acute pancreatitis needs an awareness campaign to educate the public as to what it is.
— MR K.H.