Application has been submitted!

Yesterday our principal investigators Damian Mole and Kenneth Baillie submitted APPreSci's application to MRC. This is the message they had for everyone involved:

We want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has really pulled out all the stops to make this happen. Of course, it’s impossible to single out individuals in a large consortium like this, but we just want to say a massive thank you to some of those people who aren’t named formally as investigators, but who have really worked incredibly hard over the last 6 months to bring this together:

All our APPLe patient partners, Lucile Neyton and Xiao for the prelim data, Silje for superb website and overall Comms Strategy, Perry for the great videos, Lorraine Jackson for organising all the meetings, CVs, letters and herding cats, Susan Bodie who has put together a really impressive industry partnership portfolio, MICA, Head of Terms, Tim McBride - a legendary performance sorting out the finance, Paul Fitch, CIR Manager and stalwart as ever, Karim and all the Ed Genomics team, Frank and Armel at DC Biosciences for turning round the proteomics in record time, Ele at Eagle for the DMP and lots more, and Bram, Nicholas King at the Critical Path Institute, Gina at ECTU, and a lot more besides, and everyone at all the Consortium Partner organisations who have been incredibly helpful.

And anyone who I’ve accidentally not mentioned - thank you too!  We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone now. Fingers crossed, as they say…

Now we're shifting our attention to prepare for the panel review we have with the MRC on the 2nd of November. Thanks for following our journey so far!