Third Consortium Meeting

Third consortium meeting 30th of May 2017.

Third consortium meeting 30th of May 2017.

Our third consortium-wide meeting started with a general project update. The deadline on the 22nd of June is coming up rapidly, and we set out what needed to be done before this time together with the minutes of the last meeting.

Once the agenda for this final meeting was explained, Silje Graffer (communications strategist) presented the newly launched website ( as well as the videos containing patient partners from our APPLe (Acute Pancreatitis Patient Liaison) group talking about their experience with Acute Pancreatitis (AP). You can watch these here.

Whilst the meeting progressed our filmmaker Perry Jonsson interviewed the academic partners present in a different room for our pitch video which we will be presenting on the full stage meeting on the 2nd of November 2017.

Susan Bodie (project manager) then gave everyone a general update on her work on a CDA for our industry partners. She was followed by our partners from Eagle Genomics talking about the data architecture and data management plan they had designed for APPreSci. As they finished, we all pitched in for the application run through to identify gaps and ratify the completed sections. Our patient partner Ken Hastings made remarks about including aspects that he thought was important from a patient point of view which was noted and written into the application notes on the screen.

After finishing with the application, Damian Mole and Baillie (co-principal investigator) went through the JeS form and our case for support to get the approval from the other members and partners. After lunch we also discussed costings, actions and the process until the submission date as well as suggesting reviewers and having an update on the consortium's external advisory board.

The meeting was finished with thanking everyone for their involvement and crossing our fingers for getting everything ready for the application submission date on the 22nd of June.

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