Second Consortium Meeting

Second preliminary data meeting 3 May 2017.

Second preliminary data meeting 3 May 2017.

Our second consortium meeting happened a couple of days ago and it again turned into a long meeting with everything that needed to be discussed (It was almost 5 hours this time included lunch, maybe we'll beat the record next time).

After going through the minutes form the last meeting (see the blogpost about the meeting here), Susan Bodie (project manager) gave a general update and progress on the consortium and the industry partners we have gathered so far. Then we proceeded with talking about diagnostics and sample handling and Andrea Doeschl-Wilson (academic partner) presented on the statistical power that could help the trajectories for AP outcomes.

Kenneth Baillie (co-principal investigator) continued with talking about the clinical cohort design before lunch. After the break, Lucile Neyton (PhD student) held a presentation on RNASeg, followed by Francesco Rao (from Dundee Cell Products) doing a presentation on Proteomics and Will Spooner (From Eagle Genomics) presenting on Metabolomics.

After these presentations we had a discussion about how APPreSci if successful is going to visualise its data. Topics also included at the end of the meeting was sampling and aliquots, the APPreSci website, patient/public engagement and involvement update, sub-committee structures and the consortium's external advisory board.

All in all, a great meeting where it was evident that things are really starting to come together. Stay tuned for our update about our third and final meeting on 30th of May.