First Consortium meeting

First consortium building meeting 30 March 2017.

First consortium building meeting 30 March 2017.

The first consortium meeting last week went well - we got to speak about multiple topics during the 4 and a half hour (!) long meeting.

After  welcoming everyone present, as well as those who were on the conference call, Damian Mole (principal investigator) invited everyone to introduce themselves as many had only met by email before this meeting. 

Thereafter, Robert Sutton (academic partner) gave us all a thorough introduction into what kind of disease Acute Pancreatits (AP) is and how it operates. This was followed by Kenneth Baillie (co-principal investigator explaining how the proposed disease trajectories for AP will work. These are what APPreSci is determined to find out if is possible to establish for the disease. Read more about that here.

Other topics that were explained and discussed were transcriptomics in AP, miRNA markers, time series modelling, metabolomics analysis, the mathematics involved in the proposed trajectories, the design of the clinical study and the time series cohorts.

In addition  there were partners from GSK and Eagle Genomics present to discuss their involvement in APPreSci and how they could best contribute.

For the application itself we discussed the preliminary data plan, the impact and engagement of APPreSci, costing and funding mechanics.

It was a very productive meeting, and we're looking forward to the next one. Please check out our industry partners here. Our next consortium meeting is about preliminary data on 3rd of May 2017.