APPreSci Overview

The APPreSci (Acute Pancreatitis Precision Science) Consortium brings together patients, academics, industry and the public to create a world-leading science team that will transform the care of individuals who suffer an episode of AP. The team is led from the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at The University of Edinburgh. We envisage that APPreSci will form an integrated part of the Precision Medicine Landscape in the UK.

The consortium will be at the forefront of the latest science, researching how we can predict how people with AP will progress through their illness, whether there are different types of AP that should be treated differently, and discover new ways of treating and protecting people with AP from further harm.

Graph of acute pancreatitis illness trajectories. Copyright © 2017 APPreSci Consortium.

Graph of acute pancreatitis illness trajectories. Copyright © 2017 APPreSci Consortium.


We want to work out how we can map the illness trajectory of a patient with AP. The illness trajectory describes how someone with acute pancreatitis passes through the different stages of their illness, from getting worse to getting better again. We will also see if we can predict those patterns using a single blood test. This will be done by using high-powered computing and advanced scientific techniques. We want to look at how genes, proteins and the various chemicals in the body work together to cause organ damage.

The consortium is actively seeking funding support through public, private, and charitable organisations.

Behind APPreSci there is an investigator team of world experts across different areas of science, industry, working closely with patients and an experienced project management team. They are all dedicated to research and understand how the pancreas can cause so much damage and how this can be avoided. An important part of our team is made up from scientists from the pharmaceutical industry, who will be able to make better and safer medicines for acute pancreatitis and design better clinical trials based on our work together.

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For a more scientific explanation see our 'Scientific Goals' page. To learn more about the reasons behind APPreSci see our 'Why' page.

If our research is successful, we will have taken a major leap forward to improve the lives of people with acute pancreatitis.
— Prof. Damian Mole, Principal Investigator